Everything Interactive.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing.

Larch Digital specializes in developing manageable digital strategies that leverage the right tools for your business.
Digital marketing can be fun – let us show you how.

Digital Strategy & Development

Websites don’t exist in a vacuum.
Larch will help you to build a complete strategy that starts with a solid understanding of your clientele and what they’re looking for.

Web & Social Media

We understand the importance of building a site that speaks to your business objectives, and we can help you to manage + continually improve your online experience through analytics.

Photo & Video

Bring your brand to life online with everything from 360° interactive photos to documentary-style video footage. Whatever media best suits your strategy, we can create it.

Our Team

Emmett McPartlin

Digital Strategist + Producer

A graduate of Vancouver Film School, Emmett has spent the last 15 years creating interactive experiences for clients like the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Tourism Vancouver, and Banff Centre. Emmett is an accomplished skier, surfer, and former whitewater rafting guide.

Fun Fact

Emmett secretly thinks Justin Bieber "isn't all that bad".

Daniel Thomson


Daniel is a documentary video virtuoso who has as much talent for editing as he does for shooting. He's a passionate skier and loves living in the Bow Valley.

Fun Fact

Daniel is physically incapable of refusing an offer to go skiing.


Mike Kearns

Photographer + Social Media Wizard

Mike is a firefighter and all-around adventurer with a borderline-unbalanced passion for the outdoors. Mike translated his love of photography into a flourishing social media enterprise, running several accounts with multiple tens of thousands of followers.

Fun Fact

Mike once beat a Bosnian teenager in a drinking contest.